1. [09:20] <mitya57> http://blog.qt.io/blog/2018/12/06/qt-5-12-lts-released/
  2. [09:21] <mitya57> (To those who wonder: we are usually not shipping .0 Qt releases in Debian. And this one has some known severe bugs that will be fixed in .1 only)
  3. [09:30] <themill> Is the hope to get 5.12.x into buster? (Has there been a discussion of which Qt/Kf5/plasma/kdepim/etc versions are intended for buster that I've missed?)
  4. [09:34] * cocoadaemon (~foo@2001:67c:288:1::201) has joined
  5. [09:41] <acheronuk> I think Neon would like to know that as well ^^^
  6. [09:44] <mitya57> There is very little hope. 5.12.1 is planned for January, but our transition freeze is on January 12th.
  7. [09:45] <mitya57> So we will be able to get 5.12.1 in only if it's released in the first days of January *and* we have a manpower to package it very quickly.
  8. [09:46] <acheronuk> Riddell: ^^^
  9. [09:46] <mitya57> Otherwise it will be 5.11.3, and we can backport particular fixes/features if something needs them.